Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

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"Alice Metcalf was a devoted mother, loving wife, and accomplished scientist who studied grief among elephants. Yet it's been a decade since she disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind her small daughter, husband, and the animals to which she devoted her life. All signs point to abandonment . . . or worse. Still Jenna--now thirteen years old and truly orphaned by a father maddened by grief--steadfastly refuses to believe in her mother's desertion. So she decides to approach the two people who might still be able to help her find Alice: a disgraced psychic named Serenity Jones, and Virgil Stanhope, the cynical detective who first investigated her mother's disappearance and the death of one of her mother's co-workers. Together these three lonely souls will discover truths destined to forever change their lives. Deeply moving and suspenseful, Leaving Time is a radiant exploration of the enduring love between mothers and daughters"

Jodi Picoult is one of the best storytellers I have ever read.  She seems to approach most of her stories from several viewpoints, dropping clues and little bits of information so slowly and casually that the reader doesn't even realize how much they know until she expertly begins tying them all together - pointing out facts that were presented earlier on and how they relate to the big picture, even though it wasn't obvious at the time they were revealed.  This book provides so many elements of mystery: paranormal, elephant behavior, human behavior, disappearance/possible murder, and of course a twist at the end that makes you question everything you thought you knew.  This book is amazingly well researched, and impressively put together.  From a writer's perspective, I am in awe of her.  From a reader's perspective, I now want to read everything she's ever written.  Are any of you Jodi Picoult fans?  Which book should I read next?

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