An update from Library Director Eva:


Right now, we are hoping to re-open the library to the public within the month.  This is subject to change based on number of local cases and outbreak information. We will continue curbside service for the foreseeable future.

As a publicly-owned building open to the community, I have an obligation to carefully consider the people of the Village of Black Creek and its surrounding areas. We will have to take the time to prepare and implement measures to keep you, your families and us as safe as possible. To that end, I will be consulting: a) trusted medical professionals who understand public health and its consequences and b) library professionals who understand how a library operates and its role in the community. It is essential that the library board and I make decisions regarding library operations based solely on the guidance of experts rather than emotions and opinions, and I appreciate your understanding on this.

While I wish more than anything that we could throw open the doors and continue business as usual as if it was March 15th, that does not appear to be the responsible route to take at this point. This library will look very different for the time being. We cannot be a place to linger and gather in groups. We will also be asking you to comply with our safety procedures. We will gradually increase service levels, but an increase in rates of infection in our community may require that we roll back services as well. We may also roll back services if patrons do not comply with safety procedures, thus endangering staff and other patrons.

I want to thank everyone for being so patient during this time of craziness and uncertainty. I, too, would love for us to live in a world where these considerations are not a daily reality and I place my hope in that reality being sooner rather than later.