Foreword - January 10, 2022


We hope 2022 is off to a good start! A new year is often a time of setting goals, including reading goals. Whether you’re looking to go off your beaten path of your typical reading preferences or are determined to finish a favorite series, we’re here to help!

We continue to shine a spotlight on series with our first book of a series displays. This week, we’re giving special attention to the The Greystone Secrets series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The Greystone children—Chess (age twelve), Emma (age ten), and Finn (age eight)—have a stable, albeit a bit too predictable, life with their mother until the day they arrive home from school to find their mother upset over the kidnapping of three children in Arizona—who share the kids’ names and birthdays—which is really strange. The next day, their mom leaves on an unexpected work trip and leaves them in the care of an acquaintance (who has a daughter, Natalie) with nothing but a mysterious letter as an explanation. Convinced their mother is in danger and that they are somehow connected to the kidnapped children, the Greystone children join forces with Natalie to find their mother and unearth whatever truths she’s hiding. The story is told in chapters that alternate between the three Greystone kids’ points of view, which highlights the importance of each child’s contributions and their roles in each other’s lives. The Strangers is filled with mystery, adventure, and a compelling twist. It is recommended for tweens who enjoy page-turners that will keep them guessing. Contact the library to request the book or place a hold at

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