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Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM

Please consider joining us!  We'd love to have you come and see what we're all about. 

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Library Blogs

Foreword - News and to-dos

We know how much you enjoy browsing the library shelves and are happy to announce that the library has reopened for public use within specific limits. Library capacity is limited to 5 people, and library users are asked to limit visits to 30 minutes. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. To protect the safety of library users and staff, face coverings that cover one's mouth and nose are required to enter the library. Masks are available at the library entrance. Curbside service continues to be available. Thank you for helping us make our facility...

Everyone has a story to tell

If the Black Creek Library has had a positive impact on your life, please consider sharing your library story. There is nothing like a good story to demonstrate the impact the library can have on the community. Your story might help secure funding for the library or encourage others to get a free library card. Everyone has a story to tell, and we would love to hear your library story! 

Book Review

Lena’s Shoes are Nervous: A First-Day-of-School Dilemma by Keith Calabrese and illustrated by Juana Medina captures the excitement and butterflies of the first day of school. Lena is very excited about her first day of kindergarten and has picked out her outfit, but there’s a problem—her shoes are nervous. She finds her dad, and they try to figure out how to make her shoes feel brave. Perhaps another item in her wardrobe could talk to the shoes? This charming book gives Lena’s nerves their due, and I appreciate the way her dad encourages her to talk about her shoes’ anxiety and provides strategic support.