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2024 Library Budget Update

The library director and community advocates spoke on behalf of the library at the Village Board meeting on November 13. The Village Board was provided a list of key changes to library services that will be effective in 2024 as a result of the proposed cut to library funds. The most noticeable changes are to library hours. Under the new schedule, the library will be closed on Wednesday year round and on Saturdays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Library hours will be reduced on the days the library is open. There will be reductions in program offerings too.

The list of changes to library services, data sets, and other information regarding library funding that the library director provided are linked below. The open letter to the village board and a letter of support from Superintendent of Seymour Schools, Kellie Bohn, is also posted for your reference.

We are asking the board to reconsider the library allocation for 2024. The village board’s decision to take library funding and set it aside for a capital purchase may save pennies on the dollar in interest but will cost the library more than a dollar match in county reimbursement in the future.

Residents of the Village of Black Creek who wish to share their concerns about library funding are encouraged to attend the 2024 Budget Hearing on Tuesday, November 28 at 6:00 PM.

2024 Library Budget Overview of Service Changes

County Funding Overview

Historical funding data

Funding per resident comparison

Bohn letter of support

Open Letter to the Black Creek Village Board

After School Programs

Youth are invited to join us after school on Thursdays at 3:30 for after school programs and activities. The first Thursday of the month is Construction Zone, which will challenge participants to build something from the materials provided. The second Thursday, Game On!, features board games, card games, and STEM games. Technology takes center stage during the third Thursday of the month for Wired. The fourth Thursday encourages participants to get crafty with Crafter Party.

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Our Mission Statement

The Black Creek Village Library will provide free and equal access to all users to meet their informational, cultural, and recreational needs. The Library will strive to create a community of lifelong learners by promoting literacy, supporting recreational needs and developing dynamic programming.

Our vision is to be the community source for literacy, technology, recreation and information in a welcoming and accessible environment.

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