Foreword – January 16, 2023

Browse our displays to discover a new series to start in the new year!

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano is the first book in an ongoing series. Finlay Donovan is a divorced single mother, and her ex-husband, who left her for their real estate agent, is seeking custody of their two young children. She’s an author of romantic suspense novels but has missed multiple deadlines, and money is tight. When she meets her agent at Panera to discuss the book she hasn’t actually written yet, she finds a note in her bag offering Finlay $50,000 to kill this stranger’s husband. (It seems the murder plot plus the knife and duct tape in her bag led an eavesdropper to the wrong conclusion.) Finlay isn’t quite desperate enough to commit murder, but she’s curious to know why this woman wants her husband dead. And yet, some innocent reconnaissance leads to the target’s dead body in the back of her mini-van, and Finlay has to find the real killer (and keep an attractive police detective at bay) if she’s going to come out of this screwball mystery intact. This dark comedy, which blends snarky humor and suspense, and is likely to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum.

Storytime continues on Thursdays at 10:15, and our Tuesday slate of afterschool programs is back at 3:30 each week. We’ll be experimenting with Snap Circuits during our Wired program on January 17. The art of weaving takes center stage during Crafter Party on January 24, and participants will weave wall art or a coaster.