Foreword – February 13, 2023

Looking for a story of love and romance as Valentine’s approaches? We have romances of many types,  and many blend with other genres Romances may be historical, contemporary, or set in the future (and maybe even in a galaxy far, far away). Some involve Amish matchmakers, meddling relatives or friends, or an adorable meet cute. (And don’t forget the movies!)

One unique romance, Crosstalk by Connie Willis, has some familiar beats but an unusual twist. In a future where technology allows two people to undergo a surgical procedure that increases empathy between partners and forges a stronger connection, Briddey and her boyfriend Trent take the plunge. Instead of a deeper connection with Trent, Briddey finds herself bonded to someone else entirely in a manner far beyond what she had anticipated. Now she has to figure out how to use her new ability and keep Trent at bay until she can find a way to connect with him. There’s also her very involved—and occasionally intrusive—extended family to contend with. This smart rom-com explores the intersection of technology and relationships with humor and flair.

Storytime continues on Thursdays at 10:15, and our Tuesday slate of after school programs continue at 3:30 each week.